Re: You have been added to the newbeginningskingdom

Robert J. Bradbury (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 14:33:58 -0700 (PDT)

> Because nobody, no one person, has the right to subscribe the whole list
> to some other list, except the extropian list owners. If you are the
> person who did so, please understand that what was done is as rude,
> irresponsible, and deserving of scorn as any action a person do on the
> internet.

Mike, I don't think they did this. All that I think they did was send a single poorly worded invitation to join the egroup to the extropians list. All subsequent traffic has been in response to that poorly worded invitation or more significantly, their responses to our responses and/or their inability to remove themselves from our mailing list.

I would defend on freedom-of-speech grounds and the concept that extropians should be "inclusionary" vs. "exclusionary" their right to send an invitation to the group.

Your message and Craig's fairly hot responses point out the degree to which we are jumping on people for violating a "code" which they may have no knowledge of, which in fact thay may not have "violated".

Do you want to be killed because you don't eat the eye-of-the-sheep when it is offered to you at a dinner in some part of Arabia because you don't realize it is an honor?

IMHO, this is "very un-extropian". And while I'm extremely guilty of this behavior from time to time, it is only when we point it out to each other thant we may have an opportunity to consider it and if appropriate modify the knee-jerk reactions.

Investigate, *in detail* first, then crucify as necessary.