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Saturday 23 October - Sunday 24 October, 1999

10.00 am - 6.00 pm
The National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE


Professor Antony Flew The Grounding of Rights Dr Nigel Ashford Real Rights Versus Pseudo-Rights Dr Bill Thompson Sex Wars: How the Competing Agendas of the Gay Movement, Feminism and Fundamentalism All Harm Liberty Professor David Gladstone W(h)ither Welfare? Professor James Tooley Education Without the State: A Worldwide Perspective
Professor Kevin Dowd The Importance of Free Banking Ken Macleod Science Fiction, Liberty and Literature Professor David Conway The Nation and Nationalism in Classical Liberal Thought
Robert Whelan Environmentalism: Science or Religion? Dr Stephen Davies Globalisation: Myths and Realities Robin Ramsay In Defence of Paranoia: Myths and Realities of Conspiracy Theory
Dr Dennis O’Keeffe “Political Correctness”: A Public Choice Analysis

Panel Discussion: The European Union, Force for Freedom or for Tyranny

        Marc-Henri Glendening (The Democracy Movement)
        Mark Littlewood (European Movement)

Panel Discussion: New Times, New Problems, New Approaches? Issues of Strategy and Tactics for Libertarians

        Dr Chris R. Tame
        Dr Sean Gabb
        Brian Micklethwait
        Dr Tim Evans

European LI Representatives The State of the European Libertarian Movement

Other Features

Special Banquet: Distinguished Guest Speakers, including Neil Hamilton, former Conservative Minister for Privatisation, and the presentation of the Libertarian Alliance’s “Liberty Awards” for 1999

The “Think Tank Room”: Displays and sale of publications by all the major British think tanks: Institute of Economic Affairs; IEA Health and Welfare Unit; IEA Education Unit; Social Affairs Unit; Independent Healthcare Association; Social Market Foundation; Living Marxism; Demos, and others.

About the Speakers:

Professor Antony Flew is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Reading, and one of Britain’s leading philosophers. He is the author of countless books and essay, including Thinking About Thinking, Thinking About Social Thinking, Sociology, Equality and Education, The Politics of Procustres, A Rational Animal?, and Crime or Disease?.

Dr Nigel Ashford is Principal Lecturer in Politics at Staffordshire University and the author of many academic essays and mono-graphs. He is co-editor of A Dictionary of Con-servative and Libertarian Thought and Public Policy and the Impact of the New Right.

Dr Bill Thompson is Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Reading, and one of Britain’s leading experts on pornography and child abuse. His books include Soft Core and Sado-masochism. He is a frequent expert witness in legal cases.

Professor David Gladstone is Reader in the History of Social Policy at Bristol University. A descendant of the great Liberal statesman William Gladstone, he is the author and editor of a number of major works on social policy, including Before Beveridge: Welfare Before the Welfare State, Opening Up the Medical Monopoly and Thomas Chalmers: Writings on Economic and Social Welfare, and The Philosophy of the State and the Problem of Social Welfare: The Writings of Helen Bosanquet.

Professor David Conway is Professor of Philosophy at Middlesex University, and is the author of A Farewell to Marx and Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal as well as many other articles.

Professor James Tooley is Professor of Education Policy at the University of Newcastle. His books include The Global Education Industry, Education Without the State, The Higher Edu-cation Debate, and Educational Research: A Critique.

Professor Kevin Dowd is Professor of Economics at Sheffield University and the world’s leading expert on free banking. He is the author of numerous essays and books including, Private Money: The Path to Monetary Stability, The State and the Monetary System, and Laissez-Faire Banking.

Ken Macleod is the Prometheus Prize-winning author of three major libertarian science fiction novels, The Star Fraction, The Stone Canal and The Cassini Division.

Dr Stephen Davies is Lecturer in History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is co-editor of A Dictionary of Conservative and Libertarian Thought, and has contributed to a wide range of journals and books including Economic Affairs, Cato Journal, The Journal of Social Philosophy and Policy, Critical Review, The New Right Enlightenment, The State or the Market, and Crime and the Law.

Robert Whelan is Deputy Director of thy IEA’s Health and Welfare Unit, and Director of the Committee on Population and Welfare. His books and monograph’s include Mounting Greenery, The Truth About AIDS, Facing Facts on Population, and Choices in Childbearing, Wild in Woods: The Myth of the Noble Eco-Savage.

Robin Ramsay is Editor of the respected left-wing investigative and “parapolitical” journal, Lobster. His books include Smear: Wilson and the Secret State and Prawn Cocktail Party, and he has written widely for the radical media.

Dr Denis O’Keeffe is Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of Education at North London University. His books and monographs include The Wayward Elite, Homage to Orwell, and Truancy in English Schools, and he has contributed to numerous journals, including Salisbury Review, Encounter and Economic Affairs.

Marc-Henri Glendening is former Vice-President of the Federation of Conservative Students and currently is Campaign Director for The Democracy Movement, the leading British anti-EU organisation. His essays and monographs have been published by the Office of Health Economics and the Libertarian Alliance, and he was a contributor to The New Right Enlightenment.

Mark Littlewood is a supporter of the Libertarian Alliance and Head of Regional Campaigning of The European Movement. His essays have appeared in such journals as New Federalist, European Campaigner and Britain in Europe. He is also the author of three forthcoming LA monographs.

Dr Chris R. Tame is Founder and Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He is author of numerous academic and political essays and monographs, and appears regularly on British television and radio.

Dr Sean Gabb is Editor of Free Life and Free Life Commentary. He is author of countless articles and monographs and also appears regularly in the British media.

Brian Micklethwait is Editorial Director of the Libertarian Alliance and the author of numerous essays and monographs. He appears regularly on British television and radio.

Dr Tim Evans is Public Affairs Director of the Independent Healthcare Association. He has formerly worked for the Foundation for Defense Studies and the Adam Smith Institute, and was Chief Economist and Political Adviser to the Slovak Prime Minister. He has written a number of publications for the LA and is the author of Conservative Radicalism.


The cost of accommodation is NOT included in the price of this conference. All those who register will receive a flyer from Central Conference Reservations (CCR), one of London's premier accommodation booking agencies. They can supply a diversely-priced range of accommodation at a discount. Alternatively, you are free to make your own bookings directly or via a travel agency.

If you want to book your accommodation before you receive the flyer from CCR, you may contact them directly (citing the Reference "Liberty 99") at the following address:

Central Conference Reservations
10 Dudley Court
Upper Berkeley Street
London W1H 7PH

Tel: 0171 724 4470
Fax: 0171 706 4244

Booking Form

I/We wish to book........places at the Liberty 99 Conference at £40 ($80) per place




Country........................................................... Telephone............................. Fax........................

I enclose a cheque payable to "The Libertarian Alliance" in pounds

sterling for........

I enclose a cheque payable to "The Libertarian Alliance" in US dollars


Please note that the Libertarian Alliance can accept only cheques in pounds sterling or in US dollars.

If you wish to pay in any other currency, you may send a cheque for your country's currency of £40 payable to "The Libertarian International". Send cheques so made out to:

The Libertarian International
PO Box 648
Amsterdam 1000AP

Or you can pay by bank draft, payable to:

Libertarian International
Account Number: 174335350
Rabo Bank

If you choose to pay in this latter manner, you must send a copy of this booking form to BOTH the Libertarian Alliance and the Libertarian International

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