Re: Balloon-Borne Instrument Collects Antimatter

Darin Sunley (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:21:59 -0500

Skye Howard wrote:


> *joking thought*: If entropy destroys complex systems,
> and physics is a complex system of laws, can entropy
> destroy itself?

To paraphrase a provocative quote of Mr. Broderick's: "The laws of physics are ontologically distinct from creatures."

Entropy exists within ontological levels, and can only destroy constructs within it's ontological level and below.

<speculation> Now, if the universe which contains the [quantum?] supercomputer instantiating our laws of physics is subject to entropy, then we've got trouble. </speculation>

item 15^^^^^^^^^^^^^^27 on the SI's to do list: become ontologically
distinct from matter. :)

Darin Sunley