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Patrick Wilken (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:25:16 +1000

>> Then again, since the Australia project would
>> probably be delayed for centuries and go into cost overruns because of
>> legal and protest action by environmentalists, not to mention the
>> inefficiency of a socialist government, Mars might actually be cheaper.
>> ;)
>That commie, pinko Australian Liberal Party... socialist scum.

Do you really think Australia has a socialist government? The liberal party is our equivalent to the Republican party (lacking a strong pro-gun or anti-porn stance or for that matter lots of weirdo Christians). We seem to be moving pretty rapidly away from any form of governmental assistance (who can afford it with a dwindling tax base?) and are very strong supporters of free-trade.

Of course taxes will never be abolished by politians from whatever side of politics they come from (they have to justify themselves don't they?). Since we don't have a huge military to give lots-and-lots of $$$ to it tends to be distributed back to the people a little more. So for that reason we are a little more 'socialist'. This doesn't mean we have fewer rights or pay greater taxes.

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