Query: Re: Balloon-Borne Instrument Collects Antimatter

Darin Sunley (rsunley@escape.ca)
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 23:27:14 -0500

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:


> Any anti-matter that was created by
> our original big bang that was not eliminated at the time of the big
> bang is now some 26 billion years in the past, since anti-matter of any
> kind is simply matter that is going backwards in time.


This may seem like a trivial question but I'm not sure that it is. Given a supply of anti electrons and anti protons and neutrons, you could in principle build up any anti-element you wanted. Anti-carbon, for example.

You could combine these anti-elements into organic anti-molecules. These could in principle become arranged into anti-neurons and anti-brains.

Here's the question: Would a conscious brain, identical in design to our own, experience time in the same direction we do? Also, would the answer to that question depend on whether or not consciousness is dependent on the quantum properties of one or more components of the neuron?

Darin Sunley