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fyi: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Berkeley, CA

The Mathematics of Quantum Computation
February 7-11, 2000

Organizing Committee: Michael Freedman (Microsoft Research) Bernd Sturmfels (UCB Mathematics) Umesh Vazirani (UCB Computer Science)

In the past years, quantum computation has emerged as the
"presumptive model" among proposals of new paradigms for computing.
Quantum computing seems to provide a model for the computational capacity of any physically plausible finite dimensional quantum mechanical system including the modular functors of topological field theories. Quantum computing is still a very young field, and our understanding of its power compared to other models of computational complexity is still very preliminary -- the most notable success being Shor?s factoring algorithm.

This goal of this workshop is to focus on the more mathematical aspects of quantum computation, and to bring the central challenges of quantum computation to the attention of mathematicians. The workshop will discuss many mathematical and physical topics impinging on quantum computing and quantum information theory -- ranging from topology to representation theory to statistical physics.

The workshop will be organized around a sequence of expository talks by experts in the area. A preliminary list of speakers is given below:

	       Issac Chuang (IBM Almaden)
               Michael Freedman (Microsoft Research) 
               Richard Jozsa (Plymouth University, England) 
               Peter Shor (Bell Laboratories) 
               Umesh Vazirani (U.C. Berkeley) 
               Andrew Yao (Princeton University) 
               Nolan Wallach (U.C. San Diego) 

We will also organize a series of contributed talks on recent progress in all aspects of quantum algorithms, quantum complexity theory and quantum information theory.


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