James Daugherty (daugh@home.msen.com)
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 06:01:54 -0400

This post caught my eye on the net some time ago. Can anyone refute any of these co-incidences or point to possible theories explaining them as necessary consequences of various physical laws?

Weird Coincidences

During a full eclipse, the disc of the moon is EXACTLY the same size as the disc of the Sun. This means that it PERFECTLY covers the Sun, no more no less.

What are the odds I ask you, what are the odds.

Our Moon's period of rotation is EXACTLY equal to its period of revolution around the earth. This means that its day is equal to its year, which in turn means that we ALWAYS see the same face of the moon, and always have.

To us the moon appears NOT to be spinning at all.

Again what are the odds, I ask you, what are the odds.

If the moon's day was shorter or longer than its year, we would have long ago discovered that it is spinning because the surface we saw would change over time, but since relative to us it does not spin, we could never tell it was a rotating object at all. Who knows what common man would have known sooner if it had not been for this incredible coincidence.

One more that comes to mind: The Symbol of the 2 ENTWINED SNAKES has long symbolized MEDINCE or the HEALING ARTS. Well two entwined snakes also just happen to look EXACTLY like the DOUBLE HELIX of a Strand of DNA.

Are all these just COINCIDENCES ???? or does this mean this knowledge has long existed only to be rediscoved or UNHIDDEN recently ?

Did the Creator of our Solar System make the moon sun and earth at the right distances and and periods of rotation so that the above mentioned facts would occur ? Just because the Creator could ??? [God or Virtual Reality Designer or Terra Forming Galactic Civilization???]

Also did you know that the word MONTH comes from the word MOON, and that a lunar cycle is 28 days long [same as a womans menstrual cycle and high tides] and that 13 lunar months, or 13x28days is EXACTLY EQUAL to 364 DAYS AND VERY close to a year?? The question then beomes why on earth dont we use thriteen 28 day months instead 12 weird length months !!!!!! 13 is very close to 12 and 13 equal length months, that are even delineated by full moons, would be too simple for the commoners to understand, maybe that is why they hosed with the calender, who knows !

Your comments/insights/explanations invited:

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