RE: prediction, SI's

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:39:40 +0100

>Say you were a super super ... super intelligence (S^NI),
modified beyond

>all comparison with the gaussian version of yourself. After a
particular new

>modification to jump you up to a new level of intelligence, you
find that

>you are so awesomely intelligent that you can predict with
99.99% accuracy

>the outcome of any action that you might consider,

>It could never happen. You may be far more intelligent than a human but the thing

>you're trying to figure out, yourself, is far more complex. You'd be no better off

>than humans are at predicting what you'd do next,

What is your reasoning behind this? You don't offer a trail to your above conclusion. Because the SI is "far more complex"? And so it follows that a superintelligence about which we know nothing will certainly not be able to track the variables in their own system - despite the fact that they probably built themselves from and as a lower life form anyway ? I think not.

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