Re: SPACE: New propulsion technologies

Patrick Wilken (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 08:50:55 +1000

>Ron Kean <> writes:
>> When you say that 'Every particle has an anti-particle...', do you mean
>> that there are equal amounts of matter and anti-matter?
>No, locally (i.e. the known universe) there is much more matter than
>antimatter - why is one of the big questions in cosmology.

Weren't there recent experiments that showed that the creation of matter/anti-matter was not completely symmetrical (i.e. slightly more matter is made for each tonne of anti-matter). Suggesting that there might not be any great quantities of anti-matter left in the Universe (known and unknown). That we, and everything we see, are just what's left over after the rest of the matter/anti-matter destroyed itself.

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