Computer/Upload sex [was Interesting Idea]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 08:31:30 -0700 (PDT)

> Ralph Lewis <> wrote:

> An interesting idea. Since orgasm is a mind/body interaction would two
> upload personalities having sex actually experience anything? Cybersex
> between a computer and human in a virtual reality suit would make sense but
> between two computers????

Well the triggers may be in the body, but the experience of orgasm is definately in the brain. So an upload would be able to experience an orgasm if you tickle the right "nerves". Presumably all uploads have an interesting problem mapping sensory inputs (eyes, ears, taste, smell, heat, cold, pain, etc.) onto those "connections" that used to plug into the respective organs. If I recall, Moravec stops his upload process at the point where you have a bunch of wires hanging out of an empty brain casing. So this leaves you with two brainless bodies doing the horizontal mambo while the experiences are being "felt" in the computer. Seems horribly inefficient.

It seems to make more sense to give your partner a "sex-organ object" in which the field values create resonances in your "sex cortex". They then have to vary the values in interesting ways until they trigger the big "O". Of course I suspect we lose a lot of programmers in beta testing.

If I recall my psychology classes, rats will stimulate their pleasure centers, forgetting to eat or drink. I wonder if humans will do the same thing? If so we probably get some rapid selection for those people who have no interest in sex. Its either that or mandatory (state?) adjustment of those parts of the brain so (a) you have long refractory periods and (b) can't self-edit.

We would probably get new laws that include restrictions such as a maximum daily orgasm quota and a huge black market for software that can reset the counters.