RE: mind rape

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 14:40:09 +0100

<Is there any organization that tries to end the spread of
<idiocy, and mind rape of the next generation?

<Anybody wants to start one?

Wouldn't mind, but the effort would be futile. You say "mind rape", as in, I assume, the programming of children into the adults' preferred/programmed way of thinking. How are you going to replace this system? Leave the kids unsupervised to grow, with their self-made viewpoints unchallenged (as humans, total oppression and anarchy would no doubt rule the day), or just program them with something else?
Either way, I can't see what you hope to accomplish in terms of the well being of the individuals concerned. People are made to be zombies - from day one, they search for "THE" way to behave/think.....when they don't search - they're forcibly assimilated into the current social protocol by coercion through negative reinforcement (a bollocking). The only important thing, surely, is that the conscious being is not made to suffer. As they say - ignorance is bliss. I can remember when, as a young child, I viewed this existence as a humans-are-the-centre-of-the-universe complete faith thing, as the majority do now. I was quickly disillusioned by the constant blind, moronic, self-serving, self-glorifying manner in which humans would conduct their affairs. It's utterly pitiful. Nobody to look up to, nobody that even ever opens their eyes. Seeing this makes you sad. There're no two ways about it. I've had a great many failed relationships with women, bitter at me "bringing them to my world" - the number one difference between men&women in this respect being the "importance" that they attribute to human affairs. So, I reiterate - what exactly would you program them with? The truth? They won't thank you for it - or maybe some other model upon which you have based your life (will only appeal to those compatible). Let the humans be humans - and pity them. We can't change them to something "better" (in your eyes) that will be palatable to all those that you attempt to program - coercion will have to come in, creating misery.

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