Re: So What Will They Teach???

Timothy Bates (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:27:52 +1000

> --- Spike Jones <> wrote:

>> In the 1970s Florida managed to teach so very little
>> about
>> evolution in the schools, I knew not one damn thing
>> about it
>> (except the ridiculing caricatures) until college,
>> even tho I
>> had taken 2 years of the biology/life sciences
>> courses.
I think this is actually an inevitable problem with state-sponsored education. In part, the Americanisation of creationism is a reflection not of their dogmatism, but of their love of freedom from state influence.

If the only curriculum allowed is one that is universally sanctioned, then there is no curriculum. If you refuse to allow people to determine their own individual curricula, then fights like these are inevitable at the margins.

Imagine if you were not only banned from teaching extropianism to your children, but those children were being taught entropianism. Imagine if you thought that extropy and reading Neal Stephenson and not Harper Lee was critical to their success in life. Imagine ... oh gee: that is exactly the case - hmmm . better start a court case ;-)