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Here's the names I mention before, along with email addresses. (In our area)

James Lewis email is: (Seattle)

Forrest Bishop email is: (Seattle-just around the corner from me)

As of April of 98
Greg Bear email is:

In Feb. of 1989, Nanocon was held here in Seattle, with 70 attending. (I'm sure times and people change/move) But you just may be right about a need for these get togethers. (It would be fun to see what we could come up with in regular brainstorming sessions!)
I will post a request for any others in the area with your idea's on my
email list, and get back to you recieve responses. I would be glad to help in any other way, feel free to ask me. Gina "Nanogirl" miller

>Seeing Dave's recent list of the EI lists and my recent encounters
>with a few Seattle people at various ExI/Foresight conferences
>leads me to the conclusion that we need an exi-northwest list.
>Could people from the Seattle/Portland/Vancouver region send
>me an email if they want to opt-in to such a list. One of
>the things that I would like to do is begin to organize
>quarterly/bi-monthly/monthly (?) get togethers for idea
>sharing, perhaps intimate discussions with authors, etc.
>I'd also like to float a group project in putting together
>course materials for discussions about Nanotech/Extropy.
>One thing that was clear from the Bioastronomy conference
>is the desire that science teachers have for ideas that
>will inspire their students. I think we have those
>falling out of our brains in great excess.

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