Re: Read any good books lately?

Doug Jones (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:34:45 -0700

I just re-read John Varley's _The Golden Globe_ -hysterically funny, but like the entire Ophiuchi Hotline series, surprisingly extropian. And such a gift for the narrative hook:

"I once played _Romeo and Juliet_ as a one-man show," I said. Doubling with Mercutio won't be a problem."

AI's, implacable and incomprehensible aliens, genetic engineering, extreme gender bending, and spaceships with aspirations... a glorious romp.

Bryan Moss wrote:
> I'm currently in the middle of _Zen and the Brain_, which is not light
> reading material (in the sense that you can't carry it on the train), _The
> Anthropic Cosmological Principle_ (had it for a long time but only just
> started reading it), and the usual selection of textbooks (mostly computer
> science with some physics). I tend to have about five or more books (less
> demanding than the above) going simultaneously but alas I have run out of
> reading material. With this in mind I ask:
> Read any good books lately?
> Of course these would be extropian-related (this being the extropians list)
> but I, personally, am proud of being so open minded my brains do indeed have
> a tendency to fall out, so any suggestions will be entertained (excluding
> the pseudo sciences, they require the mind to be absent not open).
> BM

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