RE: I want to remove myself from this list.

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Thu, 12 Aug 1999 15:31:57 +1000


"Life. Don't talk to me about life." - Marvin the paranoid android

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> Subject: I want to remove myself from this list.
> You people sway off your theme to much to be called a list from my point
> of view, this list seems to be just a bunch of people who like to jabber
> "about anything". You seem to have no rules for posting, if so the rules
> should be posted nightly. Where is any useful information regarding your
> topic. Gina and Doug seem to be the only people who post useful info.
> Are there any other researchers on your list with something other than
> gossip to say? Just what is the topic of this list anyway, do any of you
> know, I wonder? I have heard everything from guns, to diaper rash
> discussed, "figuratively" speaking. Most responses are so lightweight and
> fluffy or what I consider to be "airhead", is it really worth my time to
> filter through all the stuff, where is the meat? I consider most
> responses to this list to be exactly or worse than most "junk mail" and do
> dunk 99.9 %. Why should any intelligent person be on this list, you
> people should think about this... Moderator please, what is the email
> address for removing ourselves from this list?
> Loren & Les