extropians: Re: Mensa--a positive word

Re: Mensa--a positive word

Elizabeth Childs (echilds@linex.com)
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 17:22:31 -0700

Dr. Reifman said:

> But, can't you see, thats the same problem--- SAT measures spatial
> reasoning/math reasoning, and verbal --- How about Mensa including other
> criterion (kinesthetics, athleticism, music, social IQ, or EQ)?

Is there some kind of standardized EQ test? If so, has it been found to actually be predictive for a person's social success? For example, do people with higher EQ report higher average levels of happiness, or have fewer divorces?

If all the the EQ tests look like the one below, then it would be pretty easy for someone with a high IQ to score well on this test, even if they had no social skills at all: