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Anders Sandberg (
11 Aug 1999 18:33:45 +0200

Spike Jones <> writes:

> > At 08:01 PM 8/9/99 -0700, you wrote:
> > >Many thanks to Max More and everyone involved in Extro 4 for putting on
> > >another great conference.
> I second this!

I third this! :-) It was a most stimulating event, I have more notes and ideas for projects, texts, webpages and things to do than I have ever had thanks to this meeting.

Some suggestions for making Extro 5 even better: More time for discussions, both as questions to speakers and between sessions.

One suggestion several people mentioned to me was that it might be nice to have more than two days, which also would help enabling more informal discussions. This can be tricky to arrange (many people can just take a weekend off), but maybe the core event could be during a weekend with a pre-session on friday, or possibly courses/seminars like on the WFS conference (I guess a lot of people would like to go to a brief "Nanotech for beginners" held by Drexler, a "Philosophy of Transhumanism" by Max, an art seminar by Natasha or a cryonics course).

Having a focus of the conference may limit some attendance, but really helps get a bigger (deeper?) picture of the field. Maybe a slightly longer Extro would work with two complementary themes.

Anyway, I'll post my writeup of the conference as soon as I have written it up :-)

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