Re: Seeing a wider spectrum

Doug Jones (
Mon, 09 Aug 1999 19:11:16 -0700

mike wrote:
> --- Paul Hughes <> wrote:
> > I have about the same
> > success as seeing those damn 3-d images that were so
> > popular a couple of years
> > back. :-)
> The first time I saw one of those, it took half an
> hour of (too much!) effort to see it. But my father,
> who is long-sighted, saw his first 3D image within
> seconds of looking at it! (without glasses as I
> recall).
> Mike

The real trick to those 3d images is to be a bit walleyed, as I am. It seems to be a genetic trait- I had surgery to correct it when I was 13, my son had it at age ten, and in old photographs I can see that my grandfather and his great-uncle (a particularly successful mercenary captain by the name of Giuseppe Garibaldi) also had a "lazy" left eye.

Anyway, I can view old fashioned stereo pairs without a viewer- and stereo pictures were the first time I *ever* saw in 3d. It was a stunning experience. After the corrective surgery, I had much greater appreciation for the female form, too... depth perception is a wonderful thing.