RE: Major Public AI Backlash Inevitable.
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 13:39 +0000

>You can always run a two-level campaign; put out the "obscure, harmless,
>dull" message to the general public, but try to get a message of
>"interesting, non-threatening, potentially incredibly fruitful" message to
>academia/corporate world/government funding people(?). To measure success,
>you'd be looking for low level but positive support in serious journals &
>intelligent media, and no coverage or low levels of "look what the funny
>crackpots are up to" stories in the 'danes press.

Don't you then open the field to the hungry investigative reporter who sees a conspiracy in the dual message? How about something along the lines of the current memes re: biotechnology (NB *not* genetic engineering) -- too complicated for the average joe to understand, but mostly something he or his children will benefit from eventually?