[prospace] Invitation to SFF's "Launching the Space Millenium"

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>This is a message from ProSpace, a non-profit organization
>dedicated to opening the space frontier for ALL Americans
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>Time is running out to register for the Space Frontier
>Foundation's 8th annual conference, "Launching the Space
>Millennium" on September 21-26 in Los Angeles. Sign up
>by Monday, August 16 and receive a special promotional
>$75 registration fee!
>The Space Frontier Foundation's annual conference is
>the world's leading edge space event where you can meet
>entrepreneurs and government space policy makers who are
>driving new ventures in space and mingle with America's
>authors and Hollywood personalities. Every year the
>conference has been a premiere meeting place for industry
>players to debate, partner and invest in new and
>innovative opportunities for tomorrow. From Mars colonies
>to asteroid mining, space tourism to space power, this is
>THE event for anyone who wants to learn first-hand what
>our tomorrow in space will look like. The conference will
>address the industry's hottest issues in transportation
>technology, commercial opportunities on the international
>space station,space hotels, solar power, asteroid
>mining, and other commerce genres for the Space
>Conference speakers include:
>Dr. Buzz Aldrin - CEO, Sharespace & Apollo 11 Astronaut
>Dr. Alan Binder - Lunar Prospector Principal Investigator
>Ray Bradbury - Author, Lecturer
>Dr. Kenneth Cox - NASA-JSC
>Dr. William Gaubatz - McDonnell Douglas, DC-X
>Dr. Tom Gehrels - University of Arizona
>Gary Hudson - CEO, Rotary Rocket Company
>Mike Kelly - Chairman, Kelly Space and Technology
>Chuck Lauer - Orbital Properties
>Dr. John Lewis - University of Arizona
>Dr. Wendell Mendell - NASA-JSC
>Denise Norris - CEO, Applied Space Resources
>Dr. Harrison Schmidt - University of Wisconsin
>Jess Sponable - Universal Spacelines
>Dan Tam-NASA headquarters
>Rick N. Tumlinson - President, Space Frontier Foundation
>Manny Vega - FAA/AST
>Ransom Wuller - President, ProSpace
>To register, please visit our web site at
>or via email: conference@space-frontier.org.
>Call the Sheraton Gateway Hotel,(310) 642-1111,
>before Sept. 1 to receive discounted room rates:
>$97 single, $109 double rooms.
>Act now before you miss the conference discounts!
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