Re: cryptonomicon question

Spike Jones (
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 20:59:38 -0700

> >Enoch Root died on page 541. Bobby Shaftoe is there. How does
> >Root show up on the bottom of page 877,...

> [E. Shaun Russell] "missing something" in the plot along the way. Also,
> remember that Root is alive and well in the adjoining cell to Randy
> Waterhouse in present day....

No mystery there. That Enoch Root the prisoner was the child of Enoch Root the soldier/priest, still unborn to the pregnant Julietta Kivistik Root at the time of Father Root's demise. The mystery is who is Dr. G.E.B. Kivistik of page 82? Was he Julietta's second child? I notice Stephenson keeps us guessing by never saying how old Enoch Root the programmer/prisoner is, but there is no hint that he is in his late 70s, which is how old he would need to be in order to actually *be* the original priest. Ideas? spike