Re: Dear Extropians, last week check as to who is going to Extro 4?

Christian Weisgerber (
4 Aug 1999 21:16:12 +0200

Jason Cikaluk <> wrote:

> Hi there, fellow Extropians.
> I will be going to Extro 4.
> Staying in the dorms.
> Would like to meet all of you.
> Who is going?

I am.
I'll arrive on Friday afternoon, 15:45 (pardon, 3:45pm), at SFO. Considering the nine hour time lag and my bus to the airport leaving at 07:30 here, I'll probably be not much fun on Friday evening. ;-)

BTW, the campus information page says, under "Airport Transportation": "From the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) there is a direct bus service to the Clark Kerr Campus [...]." I couldn't find anything relating to that on the SFO->Ground Transportation pages. Anybody have any details?

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber