Re: The Copy Question

James R. Andrix (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 22:47:18 -0400

>>A red ball produces red thus 1 red ball X 2 does not equal 2 reds.
>1 red ball X 2 = 2 red balls

I think the point was that even if it's a different BRAIN, it's the same _consciousness_. (unless they're both running at the same time in which case they diverge.)

For instance, if I have a Foo web server that serves the foo pages, I can stop it, transfer all the files to a new system, and restart them there, and the foo pages never died. (and we all know consciousness isn't any more complex than serving web pages ;-)

The point is that the actual _physical hardware_ your running on doesn't matter (IMO) It's that A)it's capable of being a brain and B) it's running your data/code.

quality of dialog? I was waiting to learn division!