Re: longevity vs singularity/Question
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 11:26 +0000

>Rather than trying to copy "consciousness" into some other medium maybe the
>way to true longevity of " consciousness" is to increase the amount of an
>individual's information processing that resides out of body until it reaches
>a point at which the death of the biologic component is of no significant
>importance to that individual. What is the significance of the loss of
>1/1000000 of an individual's " consciousness"?
>Dennis Roberts

I agree. I think this must be the only true means to uploading consciousness. Certainly nothing I've read here convinces me of the possibility of transferring consciousness, only of being able to simulate it, or at best recreate it. The issue of how to design from the top down a phenomenon which emerged out of a swarm of microbial transactions (that is, bottom-up) goes unaddressed. On the other hand, by continuing the bottom-up emergence process, the issue gains credence.

The only qualification I would posit is the very strong possibility that the consciousness itself would change with the addition of new, previously unknown low-level transactions. As desirable as this might be -- it implies the emergence of super-intelligence, after all -- strictly speaking it means true uploading has not occurred.