CRYO: Nature's little cryonauts

Jeff Fabijanic (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 10:41:08 -0400

Aaron Davidson wrote:

>Does anyone know how common such types of hibernation are in the animal

On several occasions, one or two of the koi in my rooftop pond have escaped capture and relocation to the indoor tank when the weather turned cold. During a January thaw a couple years ago, I took the opportunity of the first >40 degree weather in a couple months to clean up the deck a bit. After I took out the 2-3 inch thick slab of ice left in the bottom of a mostly emptied 45 gallon container a small fish gave a little spasm in the melting goop. "Lucky" is still alive and kicking. Checking out books on koi (aka carp, aka japanese goldfish), it seems as though surviving complete freezing/thawing is a recognized and common ability of these animals, even large specimens weighing several pounds.

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