BIOTECH: re punching thru walls

James Ganong (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 03:33:37 -0700 (PDT)

Enhanced bones are stage 6 technology
on your scale via use of drugs such as alendronate & calcitonin in conjunction with training. Actually, this is almost stage 7.

Enhanced musculature is stage 5, via the use of gene therapy to increase the production of IGLF; mice have gained 37% muscle mass in this fashion.

To reduce damage from high impact strikes, martial artists develop THICK callus layers; the martial arts advisor on _Matrix_ has knuckles that look like the striking surface of a hammer. Level 7, overall.

Enhanced reaction time will result from enhanced musculature, to some extent, & from simple chemical stimulants. Lvl 7.

Martial arts training to coordinate all of the above; lvl 7.

All this combines to produce a person able to punch thru a wall if exerting full power. It could basically be done in a few years. To produce someone able to do this *casually*, level 3 or 4. Muscle proteins
spliced with spider silk are probably the best path for this approach, with muscle arrangements based on chimps (not too dissimilar to humans but *much* stronger)
with appropriate bone strengthening chemical treatments as above.