Re: Will SETI show us we can survive?

Brent Allsop (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 10:18:18 -0600 (MDT)

Rammage <> said:

> The receipt of a single message from space would show it is possible
> to live through such technological adolescence: the transmitting
> civilization, after all, has survived. Such knowledge, it seems to
> me, might be worth a great price."

One message would certainly go a very long way. But that's not nearly enough. I get so sick of "prime directives" and all the other theodicies attempting to twist evil into being good so people can find a scapegoat for their cherished belief in supper aliens or Gods out there watching us down here suffer and struggle. What possible reason could there be for some kind of a "prime directive" (and all the other logically absurd theodicies attempting to justify God) implying they should just sit idly by watching while we struggle, suffer and die down here!?

My parents are dieing...! I don't want to lose them! Screw the prime directive, all the other theodicies that attempt to justify the existence of Gods in the face of our suffering... and give us a hand down here! I don't want to try to justify all this evil and suffering and think that it is necessary some how, and that we possibly may not want to help other life that we might find (or create ourselves) that might be more primitive than our own for some "prime directive" like idea or theodicy. If I ever gain the ability to go out exploring in space and find a kind of life that is still suffering and dieing in mere slow and tortuous survival of the fittest mode, I can tell you, I plan on jumping in as fast as is possible and more or less giving them anything they want that we can possibly manage to give, to bring them at least up to our level. I hope there is no need for all this suffering and that I will eternally do all I can to eliminate it all for every sentient being as soon as is possible.

Brent Allsop