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Tue, 27 Jul 1999 13:11:06 -0700

Currently the U.S. government has increased nanotechnology research spending to 230 million a year (that is spread over a multitude of groups) on the other hand someone like Jim Von Ehr (Zyvex) is trying to build an assembler for a few million. Although it is convievable that some basement Joe might figure it out for relatively nothing.
As a of individuals, attempting to publish procedures online, you would be spending time in a lab to accomplish these details, also computer simulation software(see Diamond Cad at Zyvex). Since we haven't done this yet, there would be a lot of time and research involved (including a lot of trial and error), this in mind leaves the precise answer a mystery.

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>Ok, here's a question.
>Does anyone know as precisely as possible what the minimum technology will
>be required in order to build the first assembler? In other words, if the
>procedures for building the first assembler are published on the internet,
>what will be the minimum resources required for any group of individuals
>to build that assembler?
>Please elaborate. Are we talking $10,000 of desktop equipment? A
>$100,000 laboratory? A multi-million dollar research facility?
>Paul Hughes