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Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 12:31:29 +0100

> Do you really think that the IQ test is so irrelevant that the
> > skills it calls upon will NEVER be required in everyday life?
> >
> No, of course not, you might have to fill in all kinds of forms for
> example,
> or pass a test at uni, or even fill in an online personality quiz.
What I mean is that the IQ test questions activate those parts of the brain responsible for say spatial thought, or memory recall or whatever, to test them. The GENERAL TOOLS of the mind, such as spatial thought ability and recall are useful not only in filling in forms etc..! You need to use one skill or other which is covered by IQ tests in pretty much everything we do - especially those things which people may deem as requiring "intelligence". Therefore, by practicing the tests, we will become, yes, much better at IQ tests, but more importantly, a bit better at everything that requires the systems activated by IQ tests (pretty much everything involving thought).

>Really, though, they are tests, not information. There will be some (small)
>amount of information in them, but you are better off learning something a
>bit more real. Unless you really need to get good at passing tests.

I'm not talking about knowledge. I'm talking about those brain systems that process knowledge. Intelligence and wisdom are not the same. I could know everything, but still be an idiot, since the way I manipulate the knowledge to form context-specific plans-of-action or points of view is logically unsound. This is the major failing of people in general in terms of mental ability. "Knowing" facts has nothing to do with it - that's a common misconception. Also, people are far too willing to declare that they "know" something, rather than reserving absolute judgement upon the situation, preserving the value of new data which may take us in a new direction, don't you think?


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