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>Anybody know any reliable material on detoxification?

Well, there are many, many things.

If you have a juicer, one of the best things is to go on a juice fast. Basically, stop eating food and drink the FRESH juice of fruits and vegetables for nutrition. After about 3 days of not eating food, hunger will diminish. At this time, the body will begin to expel stored toxins into the bloodstream. When hunger returns (this can be anywhere from a week to a MONTH), that is when you will want to break the fast. During the fast, drink lots of carrot and beet juice, especially. These purify the liver where many toxins are stored. You may wish to take golden seal and echinacea to help really clean the liver (and thence the blood, and thence the tissues). During the fast, also drink lots of pure water.

Exercise to sweat out toxins and burn fat in which toxins are stored. If you are burning fat, you may want to take oil to offer the body clean, replacement fat. Again, drink lots of pure water.

Partially digested, unexpelled waste in the intestines produces a lot of toxins and this stuff can stay in you for YEARS. You will definitely want to get lots of fiber in your diet, but may also wish to look into colonics.

If you smoke, quit or at least cut down.


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