Yes! Poppy-Seed Cakes are in Your Future to a great cause!

siproj (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 11:40:42 -0500 (CDT)

In regards to a pair of stories in New Scientist magazine:

> Pubdate: Sat, 24 July 1999
> Source: New Scientist (UK)
> Copyright: New Scientist, RBI Limited 1999
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> Author: Matt Walker

Civil Disobedience with the pleasure of eating a poppy seed cake is likely method combat invasive drug testing.

Parties at the office just before the most likely times would embarrass the drug testing companies that profit from their incompetent because they are known to be inprecise testing procedures.

  1. Bake up or better yet have a contest for the best tasting 'Poppy Seed' cakes or cupcakes for the office personal.
  2. Make sure you plan this just ahead of the testing of employees of your company or organization so that most of the people test positive, therefore the test is now void.
  3. Produce party or gatherings tasty vittles of any and all foods that lead to false positives frequently and often.
  4. If you are a daring individual, make sure the organization top level consumes these bake goods.
  5. Litigators be ready to sue the drug testing companies for entries into medical records and any employer acting on a false positive with malice of forethought. Basically after the party a little citation or showing of the 'New Scientist' ought to give more than the H. R. director pause of entering much ninto your file or anyone elses for that matter.
  6. Short the stocks potentially of any lab doing drug testings because now you know there are groups out there getting ready to sue the snot of them as well. But of course this is a high risk maneuver and not investment advice on my part along with a conjecture that entries like this false positive liability scenerio may or may not translate into a real market gain for anyone outside of the legal community ready to take this issue on.
  7. Find even more foods that lead to false positives or even OTC medicines and make sure these items are in abundance to keep the stream of false positives at an ever increasing volume.
  8. Get a copy of New Scientist issue with these articles in it to increase awareness.

Enough said, the meme has been publicly cast out and will now take an existence of its own. ;)

P. S. Sure maybe someone like does zero consumption of targeted stuff done in testing but I do know for a fact that one large insurance company drug tests all of their employees except at the very top executive washroom level and that atleast one of those executives is an active drug consumer, this is demographically conceivable for many large companies in the Fortune 1000.