Re: SomatoPro vs. Melatonin
23 Jul 1999 11:32:48 -0700

On Thu, 22 July 1999, "Freeman Craig Presson" wrote:

> On 22 Jul 99, at 11:53, wrote:
> > [SomatoPro doses in caps]
> How much 1,4-butanediol is in each capsule? The www site does not say. The
> prices in bulk from Fluka look much more reasonable, but I can't compare the
> two without knowing what a dose is in mL.

SomatoPro comes in capsule (powder) from and is measured in milligrams. The bottom line is how much GHB results once it breaks down through metabolism. The answer for SomatoPro is 400 milligrams/capsule. Examine GHB, dosage levels and the effects to come to a more accurate conclusion regarding price and economy on the product you end up buying.


Paul Hughes