RE: Side effects of Melatonin?

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Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:46:42 -0400 (EDT)


Well, that article merely says that Melatonin metabolizes into two "neurotransmitter-like" molecules whose function is unknown, but that do elicit a neurological response. Presumably, this isn't something completely alien to your body, just maybe a higher dose of it than you're used to. Futhermore, if you're in your forties or older, your nascent melatonin levels have started declining, and moderate supplementation merely brings them up to youthful (and IMO healthier) levels.

I sometimes take melatonin, and apart from vivid dreems, deep sleep, and waking up more energetic than I normally do, I've experienced no side effects so far. YMMV

I might look into this further and put up a review of melatonin research on GerOL (in colloquial english, with cross references to an online dictionary as usual). Just as soon as I'm done with my review of Tyler Parr's work on a unified aging theory. If anyone knows of any melatonin material, feel free to post.

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> Technotrancendance wrote:
> > Anyone else heard of this?
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> >
> (talks about possible mood altering / psychological effects of
> melatonin)
> Ahh, mood altering effects, hmm. Anyone notice any mood alterations?
> Depressed? Angry? Or maybe a feeling of newly found clarity, paired with a
> desire to sharpen all the really big knives in the house?

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