The Arcane News
19 Jul 99 10:07:40 PDT


The Arcane News
1727 NW Blvd
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Spokane WA 99205

My name is Hans Offerdahl, and my self and a small group of people here in Spokane Washington are putting together an on line newspaper. We are non-profit so all profits will go to a charity here in Spokane called Feed The Kids. Our goal is to have a weekly on line paper, that once a month will be put in print and distributed around the area.

We only have one paper here in town and it carries a very narrow view of what they will actually publish. We are looking for reality in our world, we believe that the Spokane paper is trying to create its own reality. We are looking for writers to help supply articles that will give us a bigger picture of all things on our planet. We are not in a position to pay our writers at this time, but hope to be able to in the future.

Articles will be sent to "" to be copied and pasted in to the paper, so we will need proper spelling and punctuation.

If this is something you would be interested in and want more information please send an email and let me know.

Hans Offerdahl

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