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Mon, 19 Jul 1999 17:02:40 +1000

This thread is driving me crazy... I've got some explicitly Transhuman music coming (and it's good in its own right), from my band The Land Canaan (myself and the little woman, Jodie, ha ha, just joking, she's watching as I type this) along themes of mortality/immortality, changing yourself with technology, uploading, and the idea that in the unknowable future we'll still be 'us' in the kind of way that most would find important. There's also more general human issues in there, the most focused on is change, transition, leaving something and going to something new.

I didn't want too much before it was ready, but I just can't wait any longer. The album is titled "On Leaving", and all material is ready, we've just got to record it now. An initial recording (done at a cheap local studio, more as a proof of concept) will be ready I hope within a month. A more serious recording will be ready in about 3 months (costing damned mega bucks in my opinion, but we've got to get it right). A web site should emerge in the next couple of weeks with serious Transhuman content, to preach to the converted (useful resources), but also to introduce the uninitiated. Stay tuned...

In terms of PR, big budget movies, computer games, etc are overkill, and only really introduce the ideas to people. I suspect that many people already have been exposed to proto-transhuman memes, and are ready for more directed effort that can actually be far more achievable than big-budget mass-media handwaving. How many of you were "converted" by transhumanism, and how many found that it merely provided a vocabulary for beliefs you already held?

I have a plan, which comes directly from the dark, tainted vaults of PR and marketing. Any interest?

The Land Canaan
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> Computer games simply don't hit the right demographics in my humble
> opinion (not -yet- anyway.) If one were to drop a big chunk of change on
> a
> development project, I really feel that the movie option is the way to
> go...
> in some ways the computer game would be preaching to the converted...
> (12-30
> year old males, wired, early adopters of technology, in -general-) And to
> tell the truth, even an overt transhuman theme in a computer game would
> not
> distinguish it from the pack-- for instance, Alpha Centauri already has a
> 'transcend' victory path...
> Best to tell a compelling story using the latest visual effects and
> draw
> the audience into an optimistic vision of the future-- where the 'enemy'
> is
> a backward looking population looking to censor and control society.
> --jason joel
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