Re: Re. Re. Planetary SETI

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 17 Jul 1999 14:58:52 -0400 wrote:

> >The only thing going on here is that there's a rock on Mars that kinda
> >looks like a face. So what? I have a potato that kinda looks
> >like Jay Leno.
> This is old stuff. What makes the Mars face unique from any known
> terrestrial landform is that it looks like a face from any viewpoint, whether
> from orbit or from the surface of Mars. This implies, but does not prove,
> design. All of the terrestrial analogs (Jesus in a tortilla, etc.) don't fit
> this criteria, and aren't really in the same league, as far as mysteries go.

Since I actually have seen both the old and the new photos, I can conclusively say that the rock formation does not in any way look like a face when looked at in any kind of decent resolution, and only slightly looks like one when viewed with the sun on the horizon, because the other side of the face is not in view and our minds interpolate a pattern.

having grown up in a state that is filled with landmarks that look like a face (The Old Man of the Mountains, Indian Head, etc) I am much more impressed with our homegrown natural stuff than martian mountains.

Mike Lorrey