Re: chaos and uncertainty

Freeman Craig Presson (
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 21:57:15 -0500

On 16 Jul 99, at 12:22, Ron Kean wrote:
[explanation of the Uncertainty Principle]

Thanks, Ron!

That explanation reminded me of a lot of stuff I used to know :-)

It would be fair to say, I think, that getting around the HUP would be equivalent to finding a way to make a measurement without exchange of energy - - something for nothing.

// Note that before setting this bit one cannot assume what its state was MentalModes.speculative = 1;

A lot of scientists, most famously Einstein, have wondered what's "behind" QM. Common sense is somewhat affronted by, as Old Al said, "God playing dice." So if some more general theory were proven true such that there really is a nice, comfortable, somewhat understandable deterministic mechanism underlying QM, I suppose there *could* be a consequence of that theory that would make the quantum world predictable.

I can't even begin to form an idea what that theory would look like; so this is a good warmup for the alien math thread :-)

For myself, I can handle the world being stranger than I can imagine. Lots of entertainment potential in the long run.