Re. Planetary SETI
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 20:00:21 EDT

>>The processed images of the Face have produced a wealth of evidence
>>consistent with artificiality, though the controversy is far from over.
>ROTFLMAO... I'm not even going to touch this one.

While I have no clue what "ROTFLMAO" stands for ("rolling on the floor"-something, I guess), I really don't get why this is an "untouchable." No one with common sense is saying there are unquestionably alien artifacts on Mars. But the possibility is there, and we have the means to _test_ the Intelligence Hypothesis in the very near future, using proven hardware.

I simply don't see why a group who can digest concepts such as brain downloading and superintelligences can't admit the possibility of some anomalous formations on a neighboring planet. There's really nothing to lose with this one. But, as is usual with this subject, it's being interpreted as an emotional issue...and in the meantime, evidence is ignored.

Mac Tonnies