Re: SSIs

Hubert Mania (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 09:23:30 +0200

Emlyn wrote:

>There's got to be more than this universe. If you were an MBrain (or even a
>lowly, measly JBrain) with the ability to sense /measure everything in the
>universe as desired, you'd probably get over the universe after a few
>billion years.
>Above a certain level, the S^nIs are somewhere* else.
>* "Somewhere" is used here in the loosest possible sense

Maybe this "somewhere (over the rainbow)" is some kind of "interpretation space" as Hans Moravec has suggested recently. Future SSIs actually wouldn`t have to move into different or parallel universes. They could play their potential mind games in some kind of quantum vacuum that is inaccessible to human beings. And wouldn`t it be possible that those intelligences are already present playfully messing around with our nervous systems on this unapproachable quantum level or - being a little more optimistic - beautifully shaping and designing our thoughts and actions ? Let`s see: will they be using an especially appealing detail of the cosmic microwave radiation together with the process of photosynthesis in an maple leaf (make belief) and combine it with the molecular design of serotonin produced by a human brain in a state of bliss to generate . . . what?. . . a posthuman glass bead game or whatever you may hope is useful and necessary to cope with future developments. Who knows ? I don`t. I was just musing on meaningful patterns.

Hubert Mania