Re: Thinking with our hearts

Anders Sandberg (
13 Jul 1999 13:21:47 +0200

"Theta 8008" <> writes:

> The quotes came from an interview that Frederick posted. I do not know
> if the information is "true". My question is that if it is true, how can I
> metaprogram this heart-brain?

But is that question even relevant if the basic assumption behind it is likely wrong? After all, there might be helpful nano-gnomes living in my computer (but it is very unlikely), but trying to get help from them is likely a waste of time - I better first take a look to see if they are there, and if they are try to befriend them. If we transhumanists spend all our time pondering how to exploit unlikely effects, then we will accomplish practically nothing - we better first see what is real, then see what it can be used for.

> Arab mystics speak of the "himma" which is a mind centered in the
> heart; and earlier, the Egyptians spoke of the "ab" (heart) as one of the
> "souls" of a human. I am curious to know if they were on to something, so I
> would also like to see the research.

Why be so literal? Why completely disregard all the knowledge about the brain, emotions and psychology we have gathered in favor for something that is most likely wrong? After all, metaprogramming emotions is something that is very real and people have been working on (with various success) for ages. Check out the literature on psychology, physiology and neuroscience for yourself. I would suggest reading Antonio Damasio's _Descartes' Error_ for some ideas on just why people speak about feelings residing in the heart.

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