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Mon, 12 Jul 1999 22:05:21 -0700

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[...stuff about big disk drives...]

>As a point of reference, Microsoft claims
>their 1-terabyte geological image database is the biggest commercial
>database in the world.

This was a marketing ploy and was so heavily qualified as to be a worthless claim. In the commercial space, very large databases handle tens of terabytes of online data (possibly more these days) and the very largest data warehouses can run around a petabyte or larger. The fact that multi-petabyte storage arrays exist indicates that somebody is probably using them. Microsoft claimed their database was the largest on the web, but as I recall, this was refuted by IBM who has multi-terabyte databases (such as their patent database which at the time was supposed to be around 3-Tb) connected to the web.

Microsoft was trying to appeal to the PHB types who are easily impressed by the word "terabyte". Only a fool would try to run a large online database on a Microsoft OS, but I've seen numerous people try at places I've worked. The results have always been less than impressive.

-James Rogers