RE: Robots in Social Positions (Plus Intelligent Environments)

Rob Harris Cen-IT (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 11:34:54 +0100

> Yeah right. We freely kill animals every day for our convenience. I'm
> not
> saying I have a moral objection to this, but why would a significantly
> higher intelligence be so interested in our survival except for its own
> convenience or curiosity. Perhaps such an intelligence might discover
> that
> it is to our own benefit that we should die (those humans are so messy,
> and
> live only to make their own lives harder... Some sort of euthenasia)
A good point - We treat animals like shit, so why would aliens treat us well? Because were Humans (centre of the universe, in the image of god etc...) or is this assumption just yet another human piece of ridiculous shite? As Stephen Hawking said recently - An alien encounter is likely to be much closer to "Independence Day" (without the happy ending) than to "E.T.".....

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