RE: seti@home MIGHT WORK

J W (
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 00:46:18 -0700

> The EM communication paradigm may well represent a VERY insignificant
> vector in a VERY large solution space. (note the MAY)

I don't know that that is true.

Just thinking of things that travel through space:

	Light -- EMF
	Gamma rays -- EMF
	radio -- emf
	cosmic radiation -- emf
	other radiation -- emf
	Heat -- doesn't travel in space (radiation that produces heat does)
	sound -- also doesn't travel in space
	mass -- can travel in space but is probably very limited as a
communications medium

So, excluding physics that we are unaware of, the only real method to communicate in space is radiation. REGARDLESS of how they code their information (frequency shift keying, phase shift keying, amplitude keying (on/off keying), AM, FM, digital methods or analog, there will be spikes in the spectrum. Once those spikes are found, the difficulty in interpreting meaning begins (can we even see the bits? Are there any bits? Perhaps it's ternary instead of binary? Perhaps it's not even digital?), but nevertheless we will know that something is being sent (it may be an anomole of a star)

So, yes, a wide spectrum fourier transform of whatever is to be seen will give us a very good clue of if something is going on. Until this, we've been virtually blind. There's no harm in opening our eyes.

I don't understand the viewpoint of those who say we're being duped.