Re: Human minds on Windows(?) (was Re: Web site up! (GUI vs. CLI))

Bryan Moss (
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 17:38:44 +0100

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

> Which is more important: The next level up in programming languages, or
> a EURISKO-like reusable AI core?

To say the mind is software is a misleading analogy. Yes, it's Turing computable as most things probably are. But the two architectures of the modern computer and the brain are completely different. To think that you can sit down at a computer and program it to act like a human brain is absolute insanity (typewriter/monkey analogies spring to mind). Some AI-researchers go so far as to give no consideration to brain structure claiming that the 'hardware' is not important. The field has some merit but it will never produce a human-like or human-equivalent intelligence.