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I think your mixing them with Jehovah's Witness's. I looked on the official Mormon web page and there was something about becoming gods if you get married in the temple, but nothing about seperate planets, or universes, or anything like that.  I noticed they don't post the text of that book (the one by Young) but they'll send you a free one if you give them your name, address, age, phone, stuff like that, and if you don't notice and choose not to, they'll send someone around to deliver it and have an hour long chat. So if anyone wants some one to talk to...

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I thought Mormons believed that if you're good in this life, and you have a large family, you and your family will get their own planet in the afterlife?  I don't know if the heavenly planet is supposed to be in this physical universe, but perhaps they have religious reasons for being curious about intelligent life in outer space. 

When the Mormons decide to do something for religious reasons, it gets done.  They believe that they can retroactively convert their ancestors to Mormonism; this is why they have put so much effort into creating publicly available genealogy archives.

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> Maybe aliens are polygamists. Hey, extraterrestrials could have given
> Brigham Young the magic glasses. That would explain it.
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> Hey people! The MORMONS are in the top 100 and we aren't!!!! This is
> embarassing!