Re: Sex drives/Prostitution/Rape/Reproduction

Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 13:20:59 -0700

>> A man is a good sex partner to a woman if they
>> listen to each other and understand and appreciate each others' ideas.
>This is a "good friend", not a good "sex partner". Some woman may
>argue that the two cannot be disconnected.

I hardly think that needs to be argued. I can't think of a way a person could be a good sex partner without being a good friend.

My thinking was more
>along the lines that in many situations sex with a partner is
>more interesting than solitary sex.

>In addition, physiologically, it is impossible to self-stimulate in
>certain ways (this is why you cannot tickle yourself). When I say a
>good "sex partner", I mean an individual with whom you can have sex
>who can stimulate and satisfy you (sexually) in ways that you are unable
>to satisfy yourself.
You said 'partner,' someone who was having sex at the same time. Someone could provide some kinds of good or not-good non-partnered sex without being a good friend, I think, but as you were speaking of reproduction I don't think this applies.

>> Otherwise she wouldn't want to have sex with him (we are all generalizing
>> here, of course) so it wouldn't be any good.
>This may be true for you, but I suspect that there are quite a few
>generation X & Y women who openly "do" men. I've known a few women
>who would fall into the category of believing that "some sex" is
>better than "no sex", and in situations where a "good friend &
>sex partner" is unavailable will pick the friendship from one
>tree and the sex from another.

I believe that some women do this, even that is is common, but I can't believe it is any more or less pleasant for the people involved depending on one person's skills. Clearly in such a situation the parties would say what they wanted and satisfaction would depend on the level of cooperation and so forth. Therefore I can't imagine anyone would find a use for the findings of an independent panel or a way to serve on such a panel.