Re: Seed AI and aesthetics

Michael S. Lorrey (
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 17:27:52 -0400

Spike Jones wrote:
> Elizabeth Childs wonders:
> > ...if we don't have some aesthetic memory of the dinosaurs...
> We dont. Missed em by several tens of millions of years. However,
> if the ancients found dinosaur skeletons, they would be at a loss to
> explain them. Perhaps the flood legend recorded in the book of
> Genesis came from finding fossils of sea creatures on mountainsides,
> and the dinosaur legends were spawned by the discovery
> of a t-rex skeleton? spike

Considering that humanity originated from an area that was inhabited by crocodilia that grew upwards of 30-50 feet long, we don't need to 'remember' T Rex at all.

Mike Lorrey