Re: Seed AI and aesthetics

Anders Sandberg (
03 Jul 1999 22:24:03 +0200

Elizabeth Childs <> writes:

> I meant that our very distant ancestors, the mammals who co-existed with
> the dinosaurs, might have developed an instinct to fear all giant
> lizards. It seems possible - although, I admit, romantically
> speculative - that the instinct persists in a vestigial form.
> I suspect the other instincts that I named date from pre-human evolution
> as well.

I don't think the big lizard fear would persist for 65 million years, but clearly we have some built in fear - or rather respect - for big animals (just study children and other mammals when somebody towers above them). We certainly seem to have a built in fear/respect for insects and snakes, even if it does not lead to real fear or phobias except in some people.

> Evolution is miraculous, but it isn't very efficient. Neither the human
> body nor the human brain has a designer. Thus, weird stuff can end up
> in the works.

My favorite is Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst or ACHOO Syndrome (also called photic sneeze response): sunlight-induced sneezing. Many people (24% of the population) have a mis-connection in the trigemnial nucleus, making bright light stimulate axons from the nasal cavity, starting the sneezing reflex.

Makes you start wondering how many other weird connections there are.

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