Re: Duplicate other people from my mind?

Max M (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 08:48:41 +0200

From: Harvey Newstrom <>

>But, I have memories of them. What they looked like, how they acted,
>what they said, how they lived. What if all the known data about a
>family member is also read out of my mind, and used to recreate that
>family member? It wouldn't be a true representation, but it would be a
>recreation of my perception of them. If the recreation looked the same,
>spoke the same, acted the same, generated the same kinds of reactions
>and conversations, I probably couldn't tell the difference. As far as I
>would know, that person would have been recreated.

A good sci-fi book in the making there... but you just spilled the plot :-)


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