Augmentation: Using Current Tech

Joe Jenkins (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 08:37:45 -0700 (PDT)

This didn't seem to make it through on my first try, so I'll try again.

---Emmanuel Charpentier <> wrote:
> Imagine adding a sonar to a blind person. The sonar's outputs don't
> even have to be linked 'directly' to the nerves, they could actually
> use some surface of the skin where there are pressure and temperature
> sensing nerves.

Why bother with sonar when you could map greyscale visual the same way. Then you could use sonar strictly for range finding if the visual was not stereo. I think someone mentioned before that the bottom of the feet seem to have a large sensitivity area in the brain - what a waste, except for when your getting a foot rub, of course ;)

> We could add the equivalent of a third eye that way.

Yes, sadly, most people are third eye blind ;)

> The next step is of course to add some of the devices inputs and
> outputs directly at the neural level...

My idea for near current tech augmentation go like this:

vision blocking Video headset - (soon to be replaced with contact lens?) Stereo cameras on outside of headset
eye focus sensing device - knows current position of focusing muscle electronic focusing system for cameras

All focusing of the world around you is no longer needed by the unconscious control of your focusing muscle (medical term anybody?). Instead, focusing is done electronically on the "camera side". Also, the position of your focusing muscle is compensated for on the "display side" in real time so that your muscle position becomes irrelevant for normal vision. Now, you are free to retrain the unconscious control of this muscle for some arbitrary other task. My favorite choice would be zoom control. Eventually, you could zoom in on things as a totally unconscious decision. The end result is that we've taken an unconsciously controlled muscle and automated its normal functionality with current tech, freeing it up for other utility.

All I want to do, is do a Zoom, Zoom, Zoom ;)

Joe Jenkins

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